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Making buildings talk

Full insights in your buildings.

Connect existing control systems, sensors and devices. Analyze and make the correct decisions.

The IoT platform for prop tech

Make data work for you

Data in combination with analysis gives you great basis for decions. Data driven decisions are well thought out and gets your business in the right direction. No mather if it’s a small house with 17kW system or a 100 kW system in bigger properties.

Always connected

With Loggamera you’re always connected. Superb availability regardsless if you have your own SCADA system or if you monitor you properties with your smart phone.


Safety is our top priority! The Loggamera IoT platform is always updated and you never pay extra for safety updates.

We offer complete system montioring so you can focus on your core business.

Building automation

Building automation has never been this simple.

No more programming and thin clients. Monitor and control old as new.


Start simple at your own scale and build it piece by pieace. Or complement your existing system.

By our excellent module based system you don’t have to replace everything to get it to work together.

Tie it all together

With our modular design Loggamera is able to integrate with unlimited number of sources and models.

We offer standard plug-n-play solutions as well as custom built solutions. Both take advantage of machine learning and AI to give you exactly what you are looking for in your business.

Open API

We don’t lock you in. If you wan’t to, all data is of course available via our API and export functions.

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Fresh data every day
Sent alarms
Data points every minute
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You’re in good company!

We have solutions for property owerns (muncipal and privately owned), aparment buidling, HVAC installers and manufacturers of systems to name a few.

Here are some our customers and partners. Read more by clicking on the logos below.

Manufacturer reference projects

Operations Dashboard – Full insights into your properties

With Loggamera Operations Dashboard you get a quick overview of all your properties and systems. It shows statuses of your systems in real time and you know in a second where the problem is located.

Suitable for multiple property owner and opearting companies.

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Your systems are always available for you. Via your computer, smart phone or iPad.


We will show you excatly how the system is performing. Transparency is the key. 


A secure, encrypted system monitoring that only the right persons will have access to.


Developed with the end user in mind makes a great design and with simple easy to understand icons.


Easy to monitor, easy to remote control. Simple descriptions – No difficult technology terms.


With integrations for over 100 HVAC systems we got the widest model support on the market.

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