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About Loggamera

More than a platform!

Loggamera is a pioneer in online platforms for PropTech, founded back in 2013! During the years we’ve gathered solid experience in thousands of connected devices, systems and properties. 

The product and services are proudly made in Sweden!

We stand for digitalization, a journey

The name Loggamera stands for a journey of digitalization that builds on measuring, follow up and more of the same. “Logga mera” is a Swedish word play of “Log more”

The possibilities with digitalization within property Technologies, PropTech, are endless. During our lifetime we will take huge steps towards a more digital and connected society. 

Loggamera helps many fantastic customers on their journey and their pace is going faster and faster. 

Have you started your journey yet?

Platform and network

We’re building a platform and a network at the same time!

The combined delivery together with our partners is what the customer sees.

That’s why an open mind for inspiration and innovation is extra important working with us. Together with our partners we want to be clear, transparent and flexible.

Not all is hard work though. Sometimes you have to conquer a real Swedish smorgasbord!

Do you want to join us as a partner and build the future of properties?  Call us today! +46-8-446 81 800


Loggamera AB
Enhagsvägen 18
S-187 40 Täby


+46-8-446 81 800

Invoicing info

Invoices preferred via PEPPOL or via email:
VAT: SE556943745101


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