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Plug n play drivers

The list below contains a select number of systems that can be directly connected to the Loggamera IoT platform. The integration is already done by Loggamera and/or the manufacturer. Not finding the unit make/model you’re looking for? Don’t worry. We build integrations continuously and all versions and models are not listed here.

Get in touch with us on or give us a call on +46-8-446 81 800 and we’ll check if we already have an integration.

We have generic support for modbus, mbus, MQTT and LoRaWan that can easily be connected to Loggamera Platform.

Service integrations


Verified weather data from SMHI.


Notifications via Slack

SBC Sveriges Bostadsrätts Centrum

Nabo Fastighets-förvaltning

Ekonomiavisering för BRF för t.ex. individuell mätning & debitering (IMD).



Optimization indoor climate.


3D building visualization.

Aareon Xpand

Gateways and operators

Ursalink UG87

LoraWan Gateway

Ursalink UG85

LoraWan Gateway

Sensing Labs – SL Gatway

LoraWan Gateway


LoraWan Operator

PiiGAB M-Bus 900

M-Bus Converter

Elvaco CMe3100

M-Bus Converter


LoRaWAN Network Server stack

Sensors & meters

Axioma W1

LoraWan Water meter

Temp. & humidity

LoraWan indoor temperature and humidity meter

Temp. & humidity (outdoor)

LoraWan outdoor temperature and humidity meter

Holley 3 phase Meter

LoraWan 3 phase electrical meter

Ursalink CO2 meter

LoraWan CO2 meter

Ursalink Temp. meter

LoraWan industrial temperature sensor

Ursalink leak detection sensor

LoraWan Spot Leak Detection Sensor

Ursalink Magnetic contact

LoraWan Magnetic Contact Switch

Ursalink Ambience Monitoring

LoraWan Ambience Monitoring Sensors. 

MCF88 Modbus-LoRa convertver

Modbus to LoRaWan converter

Belimo Actuator

Belimo Modbus Actuator

Elvaco Electrical Meter M-bus

3 phase meter M-bus.

Watermeter MBus

MBus water meter

Eastron 3 phase meter

Direct current 3 Phase meter

Axioma Water Meter

LoRaWan Water meter. MID Approved

Cooling, heatpumps & ventilation (HVAC)


Modbus versions of AQS/Climaveneta and AQS/RC cooling unit and heat pumps.


All modbus devices, e.g. SAVECAir, Topex


All models of Comfortzone EX Series & CE Series.

NIBE & NIBE Uplink

Nibe heat pumps and Nibe Uplink.


All units with modbus communication, e.g. Gold.


Thermia heat pumps


IVT heat pumps


Compress 5000, 7000, EHP, EWP, CC160, etc.


Air-to-air M-serien & S-serien, EcoDan, Hydrobox, MrSlim, MELbus.

MelcoBEMS A1M accessory required.


CTC heatpumps.

CTC BMS/Internet accessory required.

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