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Connect HVAC systems online

Connected  and automatically monitored properties. New technology enables safety and energy saving with small investments.

Systems connected online is always worth the investment

Great responsibility lies on you as a property owner regardless what Heating, Cooling or Ventilation units you have installed. The property should be heated, but not too hot and not too cold. Systems must be running at all times. Hot water temperature should not be hot enough to scold and the risk of legionella must be documented.

The Loggamera system for small and medium sized properties helps you to keep monitor the property and avoid all problems.

Quick, easy to use and fully automatic without large investments.

In the event of a HVAC-systems outage you will have excellent data to base the repair action upon.

It’s alyway worth the investment to connect a unit.

Quickly installed and you no longer need to follow up manually!

Real time monitoring 24/7

We monitor HVAC units in real time with granularity down to minute level. Every day, all year round our system collects data.

The connection is done via local area network or mobile networks.

We can support with the installation or assist your local HVAC installer with a suggested solution.

Smart analysis. Real smart!

Loggamera analyses the operation continously so that you don’t have to!

The Loggamera IntelliCheck™ system builds on AI and self-learning algorithms and compares your unit with similar setups. 

Small tendencies to faults can be discovered early and be corrected before larger and more costly issues appear.

All while you manages the properties in other aspects or communicated with the residents.

Insight into everything

No need to memorize the names of sensors, normal mode, alarm codes or deviations.

Every unit is presented in an intuitive and simple way with the most common information easily available.

Alarm information is presented in clear text and in many cases with suggestions on how to continue.

Broad technical support 

You don’t have to bother with the techincal side, we’ll hande it!

The Loggamera platform is compatible with many makes and models of known brands such as IVT, Bosch, Nibe, Comfortzone, Thermia, Climaveneta, SystemAir, CTC, etc.

See compatible hvac systems

Always available

With the mobile app Loggamera Pro you can access all the information even when you are on the go.

Stay updated on alarms and events in the app and via email. Alarm information is in clear text from the service manuals.

Effective troubleshooting

Let the maintenance staff spend less time in front of the units display.

Receive the cause and time of event right away. Get access to full history of temperatures and sensors connected.

Keep a digital log over completed and ongoing work and settings changed.

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