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Loggamera Platform

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From here, you can see all properties and installations in one system, regardless make, model, or installation age. Dive into the data of one installation or look at the overview of 150 installations at the same time, in your town, country or wherever in the world they operate.

Cloud based

Easy overview of from big to small. Better insight into the installation and the performance. Make changes where it makes a difference.

Manage and prioritize alarms easily.

Reports provide early advice regarding long term actions that give large returns.

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Easy to use user interface with standard application look-and-feel

The most common actions are just a few clicks away.


The most secure properties are the connected ones.

Safety in knowning that alarms are always handled and correct actions are taken.

Simpler operation

Gather all information in one solution, regardless of make and model. Simpler and less risk of human mistakes.

We collect data from third party BMS/SCADA-systems and are compatible with all systems on the market.


The Loggamera Portal can be used in it’s standard appearance, which fits most users, but it can also be customized based on your needs over time.

See the examples of ways of presenting a properties or a set of properties in Loggamera Portal.

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Technical images

Present uniqe flow charts for a specific installation

Floor plans

Gather information from multiple sources and show on top of a floor plan


Moving and still images in 3D with embedded information in real time.


All properties clearly presented on a map makes it easy overview.

Operations dashboard –
Insight into everything

For a larger area of installations or a more advanced property with many sensors the Loggamera Operations dashboard shines.

Every Sensor or HVAC-unit is displayed in a simplified way, clearly indicating it’s state.

Alarm information is presented in clear text and in many cases with suggested actions.

Supports up to 150 units per screen with presentation in real time.

Turn-key integrations

Data from Loggamera can be transferred to third party systems via classic interfaces such as standard protocols.

Loggamera can also collect data from all BMS/SCADA-systems on the market which makes it easy to step-by-step move over to a new platform, made for the future.

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Reach all your connected units everywhere; Via your desktop, mobile, or tablet with up to 99.8% availability as standard.


We provide unit info as we see it. It’s not filtered and we don’t whitewash. 


A secure monitoring system, using the same cryptography strength as your bank, so that only the right persons get access.


Developed with the user in focus, we present a sweet look-and-feel with symbols and graphics easy to understand.


Easy to monitor, easy to control. No technical terms and the system helps you take proper action.


With support for over 100 HVAC-system types we have the widest model support in the market.

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