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Loggamera OFFERS

Internet of Things (IoT) Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Let us take care of your connected units

We bring heating-, cooling and ventilation systems online in real-time with sub minute granularity of data.
Loggamera collects complete state information about your units, 24/7 all year round.

App development

Let us tailor a customized mobile app for you that works as well on Android as on iPhone and feels just as if it belongs to your system, completely integrated.

Cloud Management console

Our Management console is completely cloud-based. This allows you to save, analyze, and explore data as much as you need, whenever you want and wherever you are.

Support & operations

Our skilled staff monitors the services and we offer SLA with availability up to 99.8% depending on your needs.

Plattform as a Service (PaaS)

Loggamera offer an IoT-platform “as a service” for manufacturers of HVAC units.

It’s a plug-and-play solution enabling access to all data from your units, remote support, remote control, statistics and offers a unique feedback-loop to the development cycle based on Artificial intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML)

Extremely simplfied:

Imagine having your support organization and the whole development department all standing in front of the unit 24/7, all year round, at all customers sites, all at the same time!

What all our customers have in common is that they are forward leaning, innovative and want to secure their product’s capabilities and efficiency long after completed acceptance tests.

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The image is an example of a customized mobile app for a manufacturer of exhaust air heat pumps. The user interface is identical to the interface on the unit’s display.


It’s like standing directly in front of the unit. When you make changes in the app the unit responds to the action instantly. No delays or reloads, just live!


You’re never at risk with a solution from Loggamera. Security and safety is always prioritized above untested innovation and technology evaluations. A solution that works.


Expect no less than full flexibility when it comes to tailoring. With a IoT-platform for the future, it doesn’t matter if you need a analysis & board presentation view or a watch-app for the end consumer. Flexible.

Data for decision directly from all units

What could be better than having a new unit setup at 25-50 test installations where the users are interviewed or made fill out a form a few visits over the course of two years?

Well, how about 25 units that does the same thing once a minute and gives the same data for decision in just 1 year. And, also repports all 500 parameters in real-time and makes it possible to trim things to get the final parameters setup optimal for production.

Use the Loggamera IoT-platform to identify systematic deviations in your products by analyzing over time and compare between years even after you release into the wild.

We calculate and support with efficiency calculations, search automatically for risk factors and presents comparisons.

Analyze your existing installations to make the next generation units superior to your competitors!

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White-label, custom or retrofit

Loggamera delivers both communications hardware that are mounted into the unit as well as post production connectivity that support a vast majority of hardware protocols existing today.

The IoT-platform can seamless be integrated into your unit and work in parallell even if your unit is “prepared” for BMS/SCADA-systems integration. You get data from your units either way.

It’s your choice if you need a specific look and feel of the hardware or are happy with a more generic model. We offer complete white-label-solutions all the way from hardware, services online and mobile solutions.

That’s Platform as a Service.

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Operations Dashboard – 
Insight into everything

With the Operations dashboard you’ll get a quick overview over all units. It’s updated directly when something happens and you see right away where you should focus.

The Operations dashboard us best suited for strategic installations, test beds for a coming product launch or as an value addon to your resellers to improve their service and support abilities.

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Developer friendly with open APIs

The key to cooperation between systems is using APIs, the way systems exchange information with each other.

Loggamera has been serving an open API to heat pumps since 2013. During the years we have gathered experience and knowledge of what integrators need and not to forget the end customers’ expectations.

Your product line will be well equipped for the requirements of tomorrow with a turnkey solution from Loggamera.  

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