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Connected properties

Provide superior service and support to your customers by connecting their heating systems to Loggamera

The range of functions for smart homes are exploding. Let your customers control their heat pump via their phones, connect it to their smart home system or supply the service of optimization and maintenance from you with Loggamera covering your back.

Connected = Smarter service

Help your customer to connect their HVAC-system and use the information coming out.

The customer gets a more modern heating system and you get the oportunity to supply continous service as a complement to scheduled visits.

Easy to understand

No need to remember names of sensors, normal mode,  and alarm-codes.

The heat pumps is presented in an easy to understand way with the most common information easily accessible.

Alarm codes are converted into alarm information presented in clear text.

Available everywhere

Mobile apps are available for installer (Loggamera Pro) and the end customer (My heat pump), both presenting a quick overview. Alars are sent as (push) notifications directly when something happens.

Get a quick overview or dive into the details right away, wherever you are. For HVAC-personell on the go.

Quick to install

Real time monitoring 24/7

We measure and monitor heat pumps in real time, with data-points on minute level. Every day, all year, our system collects all information possible.

The uplink connection can use local wired network (LAN), Wireles (Wi-Fi) or Cellular (2G/3G/4G).

The Loggamera box is easily installed and require little to no  experience with HVAC-systems.

Model support

Ignore the technical stuff, we’ve got you covered!

Forget about adapters or converters for modbus, rs-485, rs-232, CAN-bus, or special protocols.

The Loggamera box and Loggamera platform are compatible with most HVAC-systems available today, including brands like  IVT, Bosch, Nibe, Comfortzone, etc.

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Get started today!

Do you work with HVAC-systems ?

Then we want to work with you!

Loggamera is independent and supports all makes and models, either you are a free agent or a part of a larger brand.

Contact us and weäll show how easy it is to get started and widen your customer base by connecting your first property. And second, and third,…

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Let technology do the hard work!

Loggamera automatically analyzes data from the HVAC-machines continously 24/7. Heat- and Brine-deltas are calculated, compressor runtimes and temperatures are being checked and compared to simular installations.

A summary is sent every week, month, quarter and year for all connected installations.

The report is preferrably used as a base during discussions with the end customer regarding preemtive maintenance.

Are you working with HVAC for properties? Get in touch!

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